Why Us

Why Us

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Print shops and design teams are nothing new or rare in modern-day Bethlehem district. Just drive down the street in Bethlehem, Beit Jala or Beit Sahour, and you’ll find no shortage of companies that are ready to take your order.

There are many options to choose from, but few that will give the customer the quality needed to get the job done right. In a tough economy, many of our competitors chose to do the quickest job possible and invest the least amount of resources to keep their operating costs low, and guarantee a quick return on a contract. The result is predictable: mediocre materials, poor design, faulty English text and bad print quality.

At Host Them, we are committed to giving our customers the best quality services and materials possible. No pixilated graphics, no stock images, no copy-paste text: we do quality work, or we don’t do it all. We are in the business of building a brand name that can be trusted to give Palestine a better class of marketing and promotional media that goes beyond filling out an order and submitting an invoice.

Our work is our livelihood, but it’s also our trade and profession that we are judged and known for in our community. It matters what we put our name on – shouldn’t it be the same for you?

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