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About Host Them

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Since 2000, Host Them has been providing Bethlehem district with a high standard of print materials, websites and promotional products for a wide range of customers. We are a small but committed team of professionals that come together to meet the needs that different projects require of our unique skill sets.
Our motto is “We see through your eyes” – meaning, we capture the vision that you have for the task that you bring to us – be it large or small.

Our byline is Advertising, Branding, Consulting. This sums up the breadth of our work; the business of letting people know that your product is out there, that it matters, and is worth investing in. Be it a non-profit or for-profit enterprise, your product will have more success if it is marketed and advertised correctly to your target audience. That’s where we come in: Host Them takes your idea and gives it the ability to succeed in ways that you never imagined possible.

Lastly, we are a business built on the local values of community, trustworthiness and quality craftsmanship. We are no different than the olive tree farmer who prides himself on the quality of his oil, or the olive wood craftsman who will start from scratch on a hand-carving if there is a single flaw in a piece. Our names go on our product, and that matters to us – shouldn’t it to you?

That’s it – no long testimony on the history of our business or a declaration of our business ethics. Our words are in print, and online. Join us at Host Them, and see why we feel that’s the best possible sales pitch we can give.

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